34 years on the market

Magres was founded in June, 1990. Over the years, basing on extensive knowledge of the country’s legal and business background, Magres has developed an integrated software package tailored specifically for the management requirements of companies operating in various business areas (trade, production, services, etc.).

Mission statement

From the very beginning, our mission was to develop and deliver reliable business software solutions to small and medium-sized companies in the Polish market.

Professional client support

To ensure the highest possible quality of software solutions and services, Magres boasts a group of top specialists in the field of software development and client software implementation, as well as highly competent sales and marketing staff.

Throughout the years, Magres has developed an extensive network of authorized local software distributors. This allows our clients to fully enjoy professional support and take advantage of the distributors’ expertise in implementation and day-to-day use of our applications.

Magres is an appointed Microsoft Certified Partner within the Silver Application Development competence.